Rates and Reservations

Dockage Season: May 1, 2018 – October 31, 2018

PLEASE NOTE: Dockage rates are subject to change after November 1, 2018

Electricity and Water Included – Rates are calculated on length of boat or slip, whichever is greater

Dockage D $90.00
Dockage C $109.00
Dockage A, B, E, F & G $124.00
Dockage C-T Head $124.00
Transient Slip $2/ft Mondays – Thursdays

$3/ft Weekends + Holidays

Work performed on your boat before launching

Environmental disposal fee for shrink-wrap $50.00
Waxing To be quoted
Paint bottom of boat $18.00 per foot
Step Mast Time will vary depending on prep plus $100.00 for use of crane
Technical Service Labor $100.00 per hour
Yard Service Labor $50.00 per hour
Crane Charges $100.00 per hour
Skiff Boat (each way) $50.00
Bottom Wash $3.00 per foot
(Use of 70-ton travel lift)

Haul, Block, and Launch $10.00 per foot
Heavy Haul w/ double slings, block & launch $10.00 per foot plus $100.00
Short Haul One (1) hour usage = $5.00 per foot
Over one (1) hour usage = $100.00 per hour
Load boat on trailer To be quoted
Move boat on land $200.00 per move
Work performed on your boat before winter storage

Cover boat with shrink-wrap material
Environmental disposal fee for materials
Under 30′ $10 per foot plus materials
30′-50′ $14 per foot plus materials
50′ to be quoted plus materials
Sailboats – Mast up time and materials
Winterize engine
Engine tune-up & change oil and filters/td>
Time & Materials
Winterize System
Fresh water, heads, refrigeration, and A/C
Time & Materials
Un-step mast Time will vary depending on prep, plus $100.00 for use of crane
Mast Storage To be quoted
Outdrive Service
Removal, installation, and materials
Time & Materials
Winter Season: November 1, 2016 to April 30, 2017

Winter Storage – Land
Haul, Store, Launch, Bottom Wash & Blocking $38.00 per foot
Winter Storage – Land (without a contract) $60.00 per foot
Summer on Land Storage $80.00 per foot
Holding tank pump-out $5.00 each tank


Call (401) 737-6353 to reserve your slip, schedule service, or for more information!

Harbor Lights Marina accepts the following for payments: Cash, Checks, and Credit Cards.